PC Auto Shutdown v5.1 + Serial

Suppose, your antivirus software is scanning your computer or you are downloading or installing a program. You know that it will take some time but you cannot wait for it to finish, so you can shutdown your computer. This is where a program called PC Auto Shutdown comes in.
The program offers one of the most important commands for your computer - automatic shutdown. With this tool, you can schedule a shutdown, restart, standby mode, and other such tasks.
The user interface of the program consists of a wizard, where you can organize several timers. In the first part you set up one or multiple timers - add a timer title, select shutdown actions, time (in hours and minutes), and activate it once, daily, on week days, or once a week, but you can also edit or delete these tasks.
In the following step, the program requires you to configure the countdown duration time before a shutdown event is activated, enable / disable the display of the system tray icon for easy access, as well as the Abort button in countdown window, and prevent users from changing the system time.
Additionally, you can assign hotkeys to shutdown actions (power off, shutdown, reboot, hibernate, suspend, log off), but also enable and select sound to play while the shutdown command is activated (loop sound, adjust volume).
Furthermore, you can clean up some items during the shutdown action - Recycle Bin, Windows temporary files, Internet Explorer (temporary files, cookies, browser history, address bar history) and recent documents list, as well as enable password protection and the logging of shutdown events (view/empty log file).
The program uses a small amount of system resources and therefore i consider it a very decent application for scheduling the shutdown operation on your computer.
Its also a very good program for drunkards like you who always blackout and forget to shutdown computers.
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Using AVG protection for a couple of years, I'd recommend this Anti-virus to everybody.