TMWhatsApp v5.8 (Latest)

A combination of WhatsApp Plus, YoWhatsApp & GBWhatsApp. An all in one WhatsApp with all the amazing features from the best WhatsApp mods ever developed.

  • Deletes/recalls messages sent by mistake even after hours or days. 
  • Manage group admins. (Coming Soon)
  • Freeze/pause/fake your (Last Seen).
  • Extended expiry date. 
  • Auto reply (Auto reply messages when you are busy). (Coming Soon)
  • SLEEP mode (Disable internet on WhatsApp).
  • New Conversation Bubbles, ticks and icons added.
  • Anti-Recall (Prevents messages from being deleted from your side)
  • Hide custom chats (using pattern).
  • Counter statistics for groups.
  • Hide admin caption in groups. (Coming Soon)
  • Online and Last Seen popups on the main screen
  • Theme server (to download/apply themes), change ticks & bubble styles.
  • Send audios with a size of 100MBs instead of the 16MBs on normal WhatsApp.
  • Send videos with size of 50MBs instead of the 16MBs on normal WhatsApp.
  • Send 100 documents at once instead of 30 on normal WhatsApp.
  • Send 100 images at once instead of 10 images on normal WhatsApp.
  • Increase video status to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds on normal WhatsApp.
  • Schedule messages to be sent later (No more need to wake up to wish a friend a happy birthday).
  • Change your status and add up to 250 characters instead of 139 characters on normal WhatsApp.
  • Send text broadcasts to groups.
  • Distinguish between normal messages and broadcast messages.
  • Filter messages when you clear chat.
  • Copy a friend's status.
  • Change the app's icon and notifications icon.
  • Able to run alongside any other installed WhatsApp so you don't need to uninstall your other WhatsApps.
  • And many other features .....try it out to discover them by yourself.


NOTE VERY CAREFULLY: If want to run 2 whatsapp accounts on your android device please select the "com.tmwhatsapp" package name and if you want to replace your original whatsapp with tmwhatsapp then please select the "com.whatsapp" package name.
ALSO NOTE: If you wish to replace your original whatsapp with tmwhatsapp please remember to backup your chats and then uninstall your original whatsapp before installing tmwhatsapp.

com.tmwhatsapp (to run as second whatsapp) 

com.whatsapp (to replace stock whatsapp)

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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium v3.3.1 (Fully Activated)

Keeping their computers malware-free should be a priority for all users, since infected PCs can lead to corrupted or lost documents, apps and settings, not to mention a lot of time spent in restoring the data and cleaning it.
In other words, prevention is the best cure so you need to make sure that your installed security product is up to the task at all times. If you are still looking for such a software solution, you can try Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium.

Real-time protection against malware

The graphic interface is highly intuitive and you simply need to specify the type of scan you want to perform - the most accurate also requires the most time to complete, so if have time to spare, it is advisable to choose this type.
However, if you are in a hurry or you simply want to analyze certain folders, you can go for the custom scan. You can add the directories you are interested in, then specify additional details (for instance you can scan memory objects, startup and memory settings, depending on your choices).
Additionally, you can customize the app’s behaviour when an infected item is detected: it can be treated as malware, it can be ignored or it can warn you about it.

Schedule regular anti-malware scans

Another handy function of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium is that it can be scheduled to perform scans on a specified date and time, according to the frequency you set up.
For instance, you can schedule a thorough scan to be carried out once a week, while also creating daily tasks for folders where you typically download your files, so as to make sure no infected has sneaked in.


To wrap it up, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium is a powerful and reliable security product that can meet the requirements of all users. Those who get impressed with its functions and feature-set can now download it from any of the links below and enjoy it free of charge from Softek.
Download links:
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Top 10 Best Apps for Rooted Android

Greenify Pro
Greenify is among the first choices when you’re talking about best Rooted Applications. It maintains the cycle of all the Applications you have installed on your Android. For Ex – For how much time the particular Application is running in your Android when it is running, which Application needs to be closed but haven’t closed, which Application is draining most of your battery life.
CLICK HERE to download:

AdBlock Plus
A free, open source application that removes advertisements on your Android device. It’s considered a must-have for root users even if those of us who make a living on advertising hate that. This one is configurable so that some unobtrusive ads get through which is nice and the app is configurable. It’s not available on the Google Play Store but there is a link from SOFTEK that you can use and its available below.
CLICK HERE to download:

Dumpster - (Recycle Bin) Pro
A data recovery tool that can find files you have deleted and then restore them. It supports photos and videos like most, but also music files, documents, PDFs, and pretty much anything you may have accidentally deleted. Like most recovery tools, root isn’t required for use but having root access can improve the app’s performance and help it find more lost files. Once installed, it acts like the Recycle Bin on your computer and you can delete files permanently if needed. It’s a good app to have around, just in case.
CLICK HERE to download:

Titanium Backup Pro
A long time mainstay at the top of many root lists and it feels almost blasphemous to not include it here. With this application you can uninstall bloatware (a must have for many people), freeze apps (leaves them installed but prevents them from ever running), and backup your applications and application data. ROM flashers have sworn by this app for years and it may very well be the most popular and oft recommended root app of all time. If you have root, go get it immediately. Root life just isn’t the same without it.
CLICK HERE to download:

Disk Digger Pro
Disk Digger can become a life savior for you because this Application can do what you can never imagine. It has ability restore all the photos you have deleted from your Android. Photos are most important memories for everyone in this world. The Application is running out an experiment feature from which you can also retrieve your deleted videos.
CLICK HERE to download:

ES File Explorer Pro
No root user should be without a quality file manager. There are a lot of solid file explorers around, such as Total Commander and Cabinet, but my personal favorite is still ES File Explorer. You can also invest in a root-only file manager, but most file managers have a root explorer included. It's really just a case of finding one that you like the look and feel of.
CLICK HERE to download:

Root Call Blocker Pro
The scourge of spam calls and texts can be effectively ended with this app. It’s a powerful tool for blocking specific numbers or simply rejecting unknown, withheld, private, and restricted numbers. On rooted devices this can be done without your phone even ringing, so the spam really is kept completely out of sight, which isn’t the case with many call blocking apps. There’s a free trial version that lets you try it out before you buy but don't worry about spending your money today because here at SOFTEK everything is free of charge, just follow the link below to download the full paid version.
CLICK HERE to download:

ROM Toolbox Pro
If you want to save yourself some time, and potentially some money, then you might opt for this all-in-one download that combines a host of handy root apps into a single package. It includes tools for installing and backing up software, managing apps, customizing your device’s startup routine, tweaking internal hardware, partitioning storage space, and more. And driving those features are a bevy of apps, among them Build Prop Editor, SetCPU, Terminal Emulator, Script Manager, SD Booster, and Font Installer, and Boot Animation Installer. ROM Toolbox Pro, it’s safe to say, is a slam dunk of a rooted deal.
CLICK HERE to download:

Lucky Patcher
Undoubtedly one of the best app for rooted android phones. There are many tweaks available in this android which works with every android app which is available in your android phone. You can enjoy many tweaks like Remove ads, modify Permissions, bypass premium applications license verification, and it can also help you in removing system apps from your android phone. Lucky Patcher also allows users to create modified APK files of android apps which you have modified.
CLICK HERE to download:

Flashify Pro
This app allows you to flash boot.img, recovery.img and zip files to your device or backup your kernel to your SD Card or cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox. If you’re the type that likes to tinker with your phone, this app could come really handy for you to ensure that you have a fallback option if things go wrong. It also offers full nandroid backups and automatic syncing between your computer and android device.
CLICK HERE to download:
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AVG Internet Security 2018 + Serial

AVG Internet Security 2018 is an essential suite of security tools, which detects and removes viruses on your PC. The application operates a robust framework of features that block infected links as you browse, checks files before you download them, and helps protect your personal data online and on your PC with enhanced privacy features.
Key features include:
  • Antivirus: With improved detection rates for even stronger protection.
  • Anti-Spyware: Real-time protection.
  • Firewall Protection: Stops hackers with essential protection.
  • Secure online shopping and banking.
  • Cloud-based outbreak detection: Blocks the newest viruses without needing to wait for a virus-definition update.
AVG Internet Security 2018 has a fresh, dark design with an intuitive feel to it. It comes with a strong firewall, a good anti-phishing filter and robust antivirus tool.
Overall, AVG Internet Security 2018 has a low impact on system resources, is intuitive to use and has a simplified design. This coupled with free online support, and a robust cloud-based threat detection method, makes AVG Internet Security 2018 a good overall security suite to have installed on your system.


Download links:
AVG Internet Security 2018
AVG 2018 Serial Keygen

NOTE: Below are some of the working AVG Internet Security 2018 Serial Keys:


Thank you for choosing AVG!
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Show Box Premium v4.96 (Android)

With Show Box App you can watch latest movies and TV shows for free from your android device.
It is regarded as one of the best Android apps as it allows users to watch movies and TV in HD for free.
Watch the episode of your favorite TV show you missed last week or download latest movies to your device.
And save money spent on DVD’s,BluRay’s and Cinema Theatre.

  • Download lates movies in HD.
  • Stream latest movies in HD.
  • Download or Stream Latest TV shows in HD.
  • Stream using MX Player.
  • Internal Video Player also included.
  • Add subtitle to any movie or TV Show.
Download link:
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Join The Softek WhatsApp Group


"Softek IT Consult" is strictly an I.T knowledge sharing WhatsApp group therefore pornography, the use of vulgar language, funny posts/pictures and the advertising/selling of “ANY” kind of product is prohibited. If you do not agree to these terms then you are free to leave the group. Without prejudice to any other rights, the Softek administration will ban any member who fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the group. Otherwise you are all welcome to the Softek family and please feel free to invite a friend by sharing this post with them. Thank you!

Please follow any of the link below to join our WhatsApp Group.


For full version software with keys please visit our blog link below:

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WhatsApp Lite v2.0 (Latest)

A WhatsApp modded just for super fast speeds and no lags, all in just 22 MBs. Save up to 50 percent of your bandwidth by using WhatsApp Lite.

  • Base updated to 2.17.427
  • Privacy mods.
  • Theme server for theme downloads.
  • Extended expiry date.
  • SLEEP mode (Disable internet for only WhatsApp).
  • Anti-Revoke (Prevents messages from being deleted from your side)
  • Hide custom chats (using pattern).
  • Counter statistics for groups.
  • And many other features .....try it out to discover them by yourself.
  • Download WhatsApp Lite from the link below.
  • Backup your chats on your original (stock) WhatsApp.
  • Uninstall your original (stock) WhatsApp.
  • Now install your downloaded WhatsApp Lite.
  • Restore your chats upon installation and proceed.
  • That's it, now you have WhatsApp Lite running. Enjoy!
Download link: (com.whatsapp)

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UKTVNow Pro v8.14 (Android)

UKTVNOW application supports 10000+ android devices.
It has more than 150 live tv channels from all countries & it has more than 10 tv channels categories.
It provides live tv channels from various countries. It covers all major categories like sports, entertainment, movies, news, kids etc. All channels are in high quality. You can watch all channels free of charge on your android devices(mobiles+boxes).
Download link:
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Android Apps Pack 2018 by Titus Mukisa

The Android Apps Pack 2018 is a collection of paid full version Android apps compiled and tested by Titus Mukisa. The package includes all the 200 Android apps listed below. To download a particular app please just click on it and to download the whole pack just use any of the links provided at the bottom of the list.
    1.     ĀµTorrent Pro v3.8
    2.     1Tap Cleaner Pro v2.80
    3.     4shared Pro v.2.5.7
    4.     AdClear Pro v5.0.0.501735
    5.     Adguard Premium v2.8.58
    6.     Advanced Download Manager Pro v6.2.4
    7.     Advanced Permission Manager v3.3.18
    8.     Ampere Pro v2.01.1
    9.     AndroVid Video Editor Pro v2.7.0
    10.     AnTuTu Battery Saver Pro v1.5.2
    11.     APK Editor Pro v1.8
    12.     APK Extractor Pro v1.0
    13.     APK Permission Remover  Pro v1.3.7
    14.     App Backup & Restore Pro v4.1.8
    15.     App Cloner Pro v1.4.1
    16.     App Hider Pro v2.1.0
    17.     App Protector Pro v1.9
    18.     AppBlock Pro v.1.2
    19.     AppFreezer Pro v1.7
    20.     AppLock Pro v2.16.2
    21.     AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) v3.80
    22.     aTorrent Pro v3.0.2.0
    23.     Auto Memory Cleaner Premium v1.9.0
    24.     Auto SMS Pro v3.1.6
    25.     Auto SMS Sender Pro v1.0
    26.     Auto Tethering and WIFI v1.0
    27.     Automatic Call Recorder Pro v17.8
    28.     Avast Mobile Security Premium v4.0.7875
    29.     AZ Screen Recorder Premium v4.8.8
    30.     Battery Defender v1.1.2
    31.     Blacklist Pro v4.7
    32.     Blackmart (Black Market) v0.99.2.85B
    33.     BusyBox Pro v37
    34.     Call Assitant (Fake Call & SMS) v2.35B
    35.     Call Recorder - ACR Premium v18.4
    36.     Call Recorder Pro v5.4
    37.     Call Recorder Total Recall v2.0.22
    38.     Call Timer Pro v2.0.206
    39.     Calls Blacklist Pro v3.1.2
    40.     CCleaner Pro v1.17.64
    41.     Cloud VPN (Free & Unlimited) v1.0.3.0
    42.     Color Splash Effect Pro v1.5.1
    43.     Compass Pro v1.24
    44.     Computer Launcher Pro v9.1
    45.     Concise Oxford English v4.3.063
    46.     Contacts+ Pro v5.226.0
    47.     Copy - Text On Screen Pro v2.1.5
    48.     Couple Tracker Pro v1.38
    49.     Currency Converter Pro v1.3
    50.     Dashdow for WhatApp+ v2.54
    51.     Data Usage Defender v2.0.1
    52.     Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro v3.11
    53.     Dictionary Premium v5.2.1
    54.     Dr.Fone Data Recovery Premium v3.0.1.1
    55.     Dr.Web Antivirus v8.00.0
    56.     Droid VPN Premium
    57.     DropSync (DropBox AutoSync) Ultimate v2.7.6
    58.     DU Battery Saver Pro v4.1.1.3
    59.     DU Speed Booster (Cleaner) v1.7.0
    60.     Dual SIM Selector Pro v2.3.1
    61.     Dumpster Recycle Bin Pro v2.0.224.2060
    62.     Easy Blocker Pro v6.0
    63.     Easy Unrar Premium v1.2
    64.     Equalizer & Bass Booster Pro v1.3.3
    65.     ES File Explorer Pro v4.1.3.1B534
    66.     ExDialer Pro v195
    67.     Facebook Video  Downloader Premium v2.6.2
    68.     Fast File Transfer Pro v2.0.7
    69.     Fast Reboot Pro v4.1
    70.     Faster Charger Pro v2.0
    71.     File Manager Premium v1.8.4
    72.     Flashify Pro v1.92
    73.     Flashlight Plus v1.87.2
    74.     Flytube Plus v1.08.RC5
    75.     FolderMount Premium v2.9.11
    76.     Font Installer Pro v2.1.0
    77.     FREEdi YouTube Downloader Pro v2.3.6
    78.     Freedom v1.0.8d
    79.     Gallery Vault Pro v2.8.3
    80.     Gesture Lock Screen Pro v1.2.2
    81.     GET Auto Responder Pro v3.3.5
    82.     Good News Bible Pro v15
    83.     GPS Phone Tracker Pro v10.7.1
    84.     GrooVe IP Pro v3.3.4
    85.     Hackers University Pro v2.2
    86.     HD Camera Pro v1.9.2
    87.     HDR Camera+ v2.32
    88.     Hex Editor Pro v3.1.23
    89.     Hibernation Manager Premium v2.1.3
    90.     Hide My IP Premium v0.1.27
    91.     Home WiFi Alert Pro v11.2
    92.     Hotspot Shield Elite v5.8.2
    93.     iFont Donate Pro v5.7.5
    94.     IMEI Changer Pro v1.2
    95.     InstaSave Pro v2.6.4
    96.     Internet Download Manager v6.18.6
    97.     IP Tools Pro v6.27
    98.     IPTV Pro v3.3.1
    99.     iSyncr Pro v5.8.0.78
    100.     jetAudio Music Player Plus v9.0.1
    101.     Kaspersky Mobile Security v9.1.10.139
    102.     Kickass Torrents Pro v2.2.1
    103.     Link2SD Plus v4.0.9
    104.     Live Stream Player Pro v3.2
    105.     Lockdown Pro v2.5.0
    106.     Lucky Patcher v6.7.4
    107.     Market Unlocker Pro v3.5.1
    108.     Media Converter Pro v0.9.3
    109.     Microsoft Office Mobile v15.0.4522.2000
    110.     Minimalistic Text Pro v4.8
    111.     Mobile Data Scheduler v2.2
    112.     Mobile Number Locations Pro v5.7
    113.     Mobile ODIN Pro v4.20
    114.     Movie HD Pro v2.1.3
    115.     MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice v1.2
    116.     Music Folder Player Full v2.1.9
    117.     My Data Manager v4.0.1
    118.     My Movies Pro v3.1
    119.     MyBackup Pro v4.4.9
    120.     Newest Movies HD v3.2
    121.     News Google Reader Pro v2.3
    122.     Norton Mobile Security v3.3.0.892
    123.     Notification Toggle Premium v3.4.7
    124.     Parallel Space Pro v4.0.8344
    125.     PDF Tools Pro v3.2
    126.     Photo Editor Pro v1.0.0
    127.     Photo Resizer Premium v1.0.81
    128.     PhotoLab Pro Photo Editor v3.0.13
    129.     PicsArt Premium v9.27.0
    130.     QuickEdit Editor Pro v1.1.5
    131.     RAM Expander Pro v3.55
    132.     RAM Manager Pro v8.3.0
    133.     RAR Premium v5.30
    134.     Reading Trainer Pro v1.2.6
    135.     Reminder Pro v1.7.4
    136.     Repair Battery Life Pro v3.81
    137.     Reverse Tether v2012.09.08
    138.     Ringtone Maker Pro v2.0.3
    139.     ROM Installer Gold v1.2.5.5
    140.     ROM Toolbox Pro v6.0.6.5
    141.     Root Call Blocker Pro v2.5.3.11.B67
    142.     Root Checker Pro v1.6.1
    143.     Root Essentials Premium v2.2.16
    144.     Root Firewall Pro v2.1
    145.     Root Uninstaller Pro v7.3.251
    146.     Saavn Music Pro v3.2.1
    147.     Scanner Pro v3.2.1
    148.     Screen Recorder Pro v9.5
    149.     Screenshot Easy Pro v1.5.12
    150.     SD Maid Pro v4.9.1
    151.     Secret Media Recorder Pro v1.8
    152.     Secret Video Recorder Pro v12.2
    153.     Send Anywhere Pro v4.3.6
    154.     Series Guide Premium v37
    155.     ShowCaller Pro v1.5.6
    156.     Signal Guard Pro v4.3.0
    157.     Sketch Me! Pro 1.62
    158.     Slide to Unlock Pro v3.07.1
    159.     Sliding Messaging Pro v8.60
    160.     Smart App Protector v6.0.0
    161.     Smart Keyboard Pro 4.15.2
    162.     Smart Launcher Pro v3.08.09
    163.     Smart WiFi Toggler v2.5.4
    164.     SMS Diversion Pro v3.0
    165.     SnapTube v4.8.0.8580
    166.     Soccer Center Pro v3.2.7
    167.     Soccer Scores Pro FotMob v17.0
    168.     Spotify Music Pro v8.4.32.623
    169.     Super Backup & Restore Premium v2.2.02
    170.     Super Backup Pro v2.1.04
    171.     SuperBeam Pro v4.1.3
    172.     SuperSU Pro v2.76
    173.     Swapper Premium v1.96 (RAM Expander)
    174.     System App Remover Pro v3.6.2019
    175.     System Tuner Pro v3.10.2
    176.     System Updater Pro v0.3.2.6
    177.     Task Manager Pro v2.2.3
    178.     Terrarium TV Pro v1.3.5
    179.     Text Scanner Pro v1.5.5
    180.     Textra SMS Pro v3.22
    181.     Titanium Backup Pro v7.3.0
    182.     Total Backup Premium v6.0.9
    183.     Truecaller Premium v8.69.7
    184.     tTorrent Pro v1.5.7
    185.     TubeMate YouTube Downloader Pro v2.4.0
    186.     Turbo Download Manager Pro v4.24
    187.     Turbo VPN v1.9.8
    188.     UKTVNow Pro v8.14
    189.     Voice Changer Premium v1.4
    190.     Weather Premium v4.1
    191.     Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile Premier v3.7.0.7170
    192.     WhatsApp Offline Timer v1.0
    193.     Wifi File Transfer Pro v1.3.0
    194.     WiFi PC File Explorer Pro v1.5.21
    195.     WiFi WPS Unlocker v2.2.5
    196.     WinZip Premium v3.6
    197.     xMovieTube Premium v1.4.0
    198.     XPrivacy Pro v3.6.9
    199.     Zedge Ringtones Pro v4.4.3
    200.     Zero VPN Premium v4.0.6
    NOTE: This package will be updated frequently so please keep checking this page for the latest updates. Please let us know if any problem arises by dropping your comments at Softek IT Consult. Any questions or suggestions are always welcome.
    Download link for the whole pack: (Choose any below)
    Click HERE or HERE.
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    SmadAV Pro 2018 + Lifetime Serial Key

    Click HERE to download the latest version of SmadAV Rev Free.

    SmadAV Pro 2018 Version 11.8.2 Lifetime Serial Key by Titus Mukisa.

    Name:  Titus Mukisa 11
    Key:     089800184879

    NOTE: The above serial key will only work for this version of SmadAV Pro, if a newer version is released please come back here for a new serial key.  
    Please share this post if you like it. Thank you.

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