Ava Find Pro v1.5

A lightweight cross-platform utility built specifically for helping you perform quick searches for different files in your computer.
It boasts a clean and intuitive GUI that gives users the possibility to select the drives to be searched. As soon as you type the words in the dedicated dialog, the application automatically displays the results.
What’s more, you can make Ava Find display the audio files, clips, installed programs or a list with the downloaded items. The results can be sorted by rank, name, location, size, type, as well by the date when the files were created, modified or last accessed.
You can open the audio and video files with your default player, as well as perform various operations, such as copying, renaming and deleting. Plus, it is possible to select the folders to be ignored during the search process and export the results to a file.
Ava Find keeps an eye on the most recent file changes and displays the items in a dedicated pane. It detects the changes made to files by scanning the cache directory, and this way you have direct access to the video or songs you have just downloaded, or to other changed documents.
During my testing I have noticed that the application displays the search results extremely fast and without errors throughout the entire process.
All things considered, Ava Find is a useful application that helps you locate audio or video files, and installed programs with ease. Thanks to its clean layout and automatic search results, the entire process seems nothing but a piece of cake.
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