WhatsApp Offline Timer v1.0 for Android (No Adds)

You do not want to be disturbed by WhatsApp messages at midnight or when you are in an important meeting? WhatsApp Sleep N Wake helps you to put your WhatsApp in Sleep (Offline) Mode. In this mode, you will not receive any notification about new messages. The sender who will send a message to you will only see one tick, meaning that the message is Sent but not Delivered. When you switch it again to Online mode (Wake), you will receive all messages sent to you up to the present time. You can explicit switch Whatsapp Online /Offline by touching the Icon on the Main Screen, or you can add some schedule. Each schedule has one timer to switch off Whatsapp (Sleep) and one timer to switch it on again (Wake).
Active schedule is in BLUE color, inactive or outdated schedule is in GRAY colorTags: Whatsapp, Sleep, Wake, Offline, Online, Timer, Whatsapp Offline, Whatsapp Offline Timer, Whatsapp Online, Whatsapp Online Timer, Whatsapp Silent.
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