What “Beta Software” Means

To cut the long story short, the term “beta” refers to a software’s stage of development. I would like to compare it to the life cycle of insects, which typically goes through multiple phases: Eggs -  Larva - Pupa - Adult. So as software products develop they also go through a similar cycle: Pre-alpha - Alpha - Beta and then the Release stage.

The Four Stages of a Software Product Development:

As the name implies, a release candidate is the last step in the development cycle before actually releasing a product as finished. Sometimes the term can apply to a particular patch or update to an existing product. In essence, the release candidate is a version that’s almost complete but requires a tiny bit more testing to quash final bugs and issues.

Now that you’re a little more knowledgeable on the phases of the software development cycle, i hope that you will stop rushing for BETA versions thinking that they are BETTER than the final product.😃😃😃
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dan chero said...

I used to think BETA meant BETTER Too.