Top 10 Hacking E-books by Titus Mukisa

Looking for best best hacking books? I have short listed some of the highly recommended books for beginners and advanced hackers. The ethical hacking books may help you get the best security professional job you aspire.
The job of an ethical hacker is to perform hacking to protect from crackers (unethical hackers). Some of these hacking books for beginners are about basic concepts, whereas other books focus on more advanced hacking techniques that experienced hacker can use.
Hacking is considered to be a two-way tool wherein a computer system is penetrated either to make it more secure or to create mischief. Ethical hacking is defined as making use of programming skills, so as to penetrate a computer system, and determine its vulnerabilities. The ethical hackers are skilled computer experts, often called as the "white hats". As against non-ethical hackers or "black hats" that penetrate into a computer system and exploit it for their own personal gains or mischief, the “white hats” evaluate and point out the vulnerabilities of system software, and suggest system changes to make it less penetrable. Below are the ten best hacking books that I have read, from beginners to advance users, enjoy!
1. Hacking Exposed - (6th Edition)
2. The Hacker's Underground Handbook

3. Gray Hat Hacking (2nd Edition)
4. Secrets of a Super Hacker
5. Counter Hack Reloaded (Second Edition)
6. The Secret of Hacking (1st Edition)
7. Hacking - The Art of Exploitation
8. Dangerous Google - Searching For Secrets
9. Hacking - The Next Generation
10. Hackers - Heroes Of The Computer Revolution
Softek Systems™

XUS Clock Plus Edition v1.5 + Serial

A reliable desktop clock with a colorful interface. The clock color, size are totally customizable as you wish. It supports current local time in cities and countries worldwide, in all time zones with DST. XUS Clock allows you set more than 128 alarm times. And you can choose a WAV file or use the default for each of your alarms.
The program, while functional and easy to understand, It could let you personalize a display message or set a computer action (such as Shutdown Computer, Restart Computer) when an alarm triggers. So it is not just a clock, it could be your life assistant.
Download link:
Softek Systems™

Duplicate File Cleaner v2.6 + Serial

Using the computer for many months at a time is a guarantee that you have at least some duplicate files hidden on the hard drive. These files are simply useless, taking a lot hard drive space and slowing down the system, as well as being a burden when you want to create a backup.
Duplicate File Cleaner is an app designed to solve this problem by identifying and deleting the problem files. The software comes with a nice, intuitive interface that should be easy to figure out by all users.
There are several types of scans supported by this tool, namely “Basic”, “Outlook”, “Music” and “Picture”.
The program requires that you select the drive or directory where it should look for duplicate files before starting the scanning process. It’s possible to browse the folders on the computer by simply clicking on the partition name, which then expands into a treeview, making the entire process a very simple one.
You may even filter down the search by choosing one of the available scan filters, as well as other particularities, such as the date, size and extension.
The “Basic” feature of this app looks for documents, pictures, music, zero-size files, videos and custom file types. While looking for music or image files it’s also possible to select the file format (MP3, WMA, RM, OGG and FLAC for audio files and BMP, JPEG, GIF, WMF, PNG and ICO for pictures).
Also, you can search through Outlook files and delete redundant emails and contacts.
When the search is complete, the files can be sent to the Recycle Bin, deleted completely, moved to a folder or “Pulverized”. This last feature deletes files by overwriting them until they are beyond recovery.
The app also has a few other features. For instance, it allows you to synchronize files and thus analyze the differences between folders, clean up junk files, clean duplicate bookmarks and other options.
All in all, Duplicate File Cleaner is a useful tool that can optimize the computer in a few easy steps. While the intuitive interface makes this app easy to use, most features require at least some prior experience with this type of software.
Download link:
Softek Systems™

WhatsApp Switch v2.4

WhatsAppSwitch is a cracked and more powerful new version of “2Lines for WhatsApp” app. With WhatsAppSwitch you can switch between over 20 WhatsApp phone numbers on a single Android device. No more need for installing many WhatsApp apps on a single device, just install one WhatsApp and register as many numbers as you want with WhatsAppSwitch. WhatsAppSwitch was redeveloped by Titus Mukisa to bring to you a faster, light-weight and more stable version which is now ready and available for free download.

  1. Make sure WhatsApp is already installed before you download WhatsAppSwitch from the link below.
  2. Install WhatsAppSwitch and allow root access .
  3. Run WhatsAppSwitch and click on “Add a new line for WhatsApp” to register new number“s”.
  4. To switch between WhatsApp accounts just run WhatsAppSwitch and click on the account you want to access.

NOTE: WhatsAppSwitch requires root access to your Android device so please before you think of downloading and installing this app make sure that your Android device is rooted. To learn more about Android rooting please click HERE.

Remember to also share this post on facebook if you like it. I thank you all for your support and for being part of the Softek family
Download link:
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Video Convert Master v7.9 + Serial

A complete and straight-forward video encoding application. With a wide array of built-in conversion profiles, it manages to get your videos ready for devices such as iPod, iPad or iPhone. The DVD burning feature is also a plus.
The installation process is stress and effort free. Upon launching it, you are presented with a colorful and user friendly GUI. All the conversion profiles are listed neatly so you can choose which one you need. Thus, you can select one of the following conversion types: to AVI, MP4, 3GP, MP3G, MOV, WMV, ROM, SWF, etc.
Just below this section, you can open the source files, select the output directory and profile, and split or merge them. In the Profile Editor you can set up time control, video codes, same video quality as the source, audio codes, output volume, or disable audio.
Moreover, you can change the bitrate, size, frame rate and aspect of a video, channels and adjust the sample rate of an audio file, as well as cropping and padding details (including color). Once your desired video is complete, burn it and share it with your friends!
CPU and memory resources are fairly used, and as far as I tested it, Video Convert Master worked perfectly normal. The conversion speed is decent, but this highly depends on the size of the source file.
In conclusion, Video Convert Master is an easy-to-use and intuitive video conversion software that acts fast and with results of good quality. Beginners and professionals alike can enjoy its functionality.
Download link:
Softek Systems™

Deep Freeze Standard v8.3 + Serial

Deep Freeze is a backup and recovery system that can disable all changes made to the operating system of computer, at the next reboot.
This kind of tool is recommended when you really don't want anyone else making some uncalled modifications to your virtual system.
Simply put, when Deep Freeze is activated, it will restore all initial settings of your computer at the next startup.


How it works

Be careful though, if you forget the program on (on frozen mode) and then make some important changes (e.g. write and save an important document, install a licensed software), you will lose everything at the next startup. And unfortunately, enabling or disabling Deep Freeze will always require a restart.


Master password

You need to set up a master password that can activate and deactivate Deep Freeze. Make sure you don't forget it because there's no way of getting it back.
Overall, the program may be difficult to understand, especially by first-time users, but make sure to check out the help file before getting into it (for example, to bring out the password window and enable/disable the program, go to Deep Freeze in system tray, hold down Shift and double-click the left mouse button).


Uninstalling the program

Uninstalling it can also be tricky, because Deep Frozen needs to be deactivated. We, for instance, have misunderstood some of its guidelines, and this caused us to run around in circles.


Bottom line

In conclusion, if you want a guaranteed way to preserve your computer's information, then Deep Freeze is the perfect tool for you. Just be careful when the computer becomes amnesic.
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Get Facebook Like Chat Heads On WhatsApp (Dashdow for WhatApp)

With Dashdow for WhatApp you get an application that shows you unread What App messages in a small ball on the screen. Also on the lockscreen you can now directly see who has written to you and especially what.

- Shows messages from contacts in balls
- Click on ball opens a dialog with message content
- Click on dialog opens the What App conversation
- Dialog opens automatically on new messages
- Remove balls with the trash
- Lockscreen visible

For devices with Android 4.3 or higher we use the notification access service which you have to activate.
Devices with 4.0 or higher will have to enable the accessability service in system.

Have fun with this application and give us a feedback.
Download link:
Softek Systems™

Partition Find and Mount Pro v2.3 + Serial

When your hard drive fails or you accidentally delete the wrong partition, all you want is to get all your data back. While recovering the lost files might be deemed impossible by less-experienced users, some software can actually get everything back with little to no effort.
Partition Find and Mount is one of those apps that fall into this category. The software basically locates and mounts partitions into the system, thus making them available like any generic disk volume.
Scanning of your drive is done quite fast, but it does depend on its size. For example, a 500GB disk got scanned in under 10 minutes. Larger or damaged HDDs might require more time.
Partition Find and Mount can work even if any Boot Record is missing, damaged or overwritten, including the Master Boot Record. These are areas on your hard drive that contain all information about your partitions and, if erased or damaged, you can lose access to the data on your computer.
Found partitions can be mounted to the system as read-only disk volumes. These can then be accessed as any other similar drives, which is enough for you to copy the files you thought were lost.
However, the software has some limitations, as it may not work if the file system on the partition or the hard drive itself is damaged beyond recovery.
All in all, Partition Find and Mount is an app that can come in handy once in a while, working with the assumption that your drives don’t fail on a daily basis. The software works well and the interface is easy enough to understand that even less experienced users shouldn’t have problems with figuring out how to run it.
Download link:
Softek Systems™

Registry Mechanic v11.1 + Serial

Few users are aware of the importance of system maintenance for their PC, even though a solution for cleaning and optimizing the computer is a must have. Those who are unsure as to the software that is most suitable for their needs can take Registry Mechanic for a spin.
Registry Mechanic is one of the numerous applications that strive to do wonders when installed on a Windows machine because it has a lot of features, all of them meant to tune up computers.
Probably the most important function is the registry cleaner which scans for errors and fixes them in no time.
The interface of Registry Mechanic is organized within several tabs, each dedicated to a certain area: performance, privacy or recovery. The first one is the place where you can clean or compact the registry, as well as boost Windows startup.
In order to make sure your privacy is not affected, you can erase the Windows and the browsing history, along with traces left by applications. Registry Mechanic also supports file and disk shredding, so as to make sure that no item can ever be restored.
The application also includes a detailed Settings section that helps customize the way the scanning process work, but also allows you to schedule scans for the times when you are away from the computer.
All things considered, Registry Mechanic is indeed a great assistant and you should definitely give it a try to see what it can actually do. One thing is for sure though: after thorough investigation, your machine can go a lot faster than before. All thanks to Softek Systems.
Download link:
Softek Systems™

WinZip Professional v12.0 + Serial

WinZip does not need an introductory note. It’s a well-known archive manager that can handle a wide array of compression formats, from ZIP, RAR and 7Z to TAR, GZIP, CAB, IMG and ISO to name the most important ones.
WinZip goes beyond basic archive handling capabilities and bundles features for encryption, backup and sharing. In addition, the ribbon-based interface is extremely user-friendly and offers quick access to the program’s functions.
WinZip’s installation process requires user intervention a few times to configure options for the explorer context menu or to choose where the shortcuts should be placed. You are also offered a desktop gadget, but you can uncheck its deployment.
The purpose of the application is a two-way street. On one hand, it can compress large files into small archives and on the other hand, it is able to extract files from compressed packages. Both operations are performed at impressive speed, to say the least.
Files can be added the old, traditional way, but drag and drop is also supported. WinZip gets your archives ready for file sharing, allowing you to quickly attach them in emails, upload to FTPs or share on Facebook.
Although it gained popularity for compression features, the application also provides the possibility to backup your documents and prevents data loss. What’s more, you can also schedule backups to be performed at a later time.
Other capabilities include archive encryption (via the AES algorithm), diagnostics (checks whether archives are corrupt) and a computer performance scan utility.
All in all, WinZip carries out a very important task: that of getting content ready for operations that require a certain file size. It provides a user-friendly environment and is bundled with a rich pack of features that recommend it. Also, the compression/decompression speed is a huge plus.
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Adobe Illustrator CS5 (Portable)

Adobe Illustrator is a professional vector graphics application designed for creating illustrations, digital graphics, web, video and mobile content. It comes bundled with the Mercury Performance System, which enhances your workflow, by providing greater speed on large files.


Resolution independent graphics and effects

What defines Adobe Illustrator is the complex vector drawing tools that allow you to create infinitely scalable graphics. The technical terms for the vectors is “resolution independent”, which means you can resize these elements without losing quality.
This property extends to the effects section, too. Textures, blurs, shadows preserve their aspect, in spite of changing the resolution. In addition, Illustrator supports cross-media design, so the layout will adapt to your preferences, whether you draw or edit something for printing, publishing online, or displaying on a mobile phone.


Intuitive GUI and integration of an image-tracing engine

The streamlined interface is intuitive and easy to work with, thus maximizing your productivity. You can fluidly move through workspaces and maintain layout changes until you decide to reset them.
Adobe Illustrator provides you with the essential tools that can ensure the best precision for your vector graphics. The image-tracing engine makes sure that created vectors are accurate and have a clean look. Gradients can be applied directly on objects or on strokes, while offering you full control over opacity and placement.


Create your own brushes or add 3D effects

Moreover, the brushes palette is extremely rich, with the possibility to create new ones. Two quick examples are the Blob Brush, which generates a single vector shape and the Bristle one that achieves realistic strokes for a more natural look.
Other features worth mentioning are the live distortion, 3D effects, the wide array of symbols, the possibility to blend shapes, the Gaussian blur, the Shape Builder, to name a few.



In conclusion, Adobe Illustrator does sound like a good choice for artists and designers that require accuracy and precision in digital graphics. It encourages creativity and imagination, while working at the fastest speed. It does not affect the system’s performance in any way and we did not come across any issues in our tests, such as errors, crashes or bugs.
Download link:
Softek Systems™

Advanced Archive Password Recovery v4.5 + Serial

Aims to decrypt password secured archive formats. It can process a wide array of archive types produced with popular software such as WinRAR or WinZip.
Advanced Archive Password Recovery features a compact and intuitive interface populated with a great deal of options and configurable decryption algorithms. It executes brute-force password attacks in order to recover the passwords.
You can choose the password characters (CAPS / small Latin, digits, symbols), set the password length and choose a dictionary. The more options you select, the longer the recovery process. During this process you can view the time elapsed, time remaining, and average speed.
Combinations are made in random order (because an alphabetical one would be just stupid), but the ETA tells the remaining time until the program goes through every single option.
During my tests, i tried a few password combinations. Most of them worked except for one case in which i inputted a four-letter word made from a small letter, a capital letter, a number, and a symbol. Needless to say the software took a long time to complete, and it wasn't successful. But it worked in all the other, simpler cases.
Another negative aspect of Advanced RAR Password Recovery is the fact that it doesn't alert you in any way when scanning finishes. It just sits quietly in the system tray, waiting to be clicked.
To conclude, Advanced Archive Password Recovery is a decent solution for RAR / ZIP decryption. The recovery process is long, but the results are satisfactory.
Download link:
Softek Systems™

PDF Password Remover v3.1 + Serial

A tool that enables you to remove passwords from protected PDF documents. It’s highly effective and works for large files, too.
First off, I should mention that this is not a password cracker and it works only if you know the password for that document. The output document will no longer ask for a password when opened.
The installation process is very simple; no efforts are required aside from pressing a few ‘Next’ buttons. The interface is very plain, and there aren't any other options besides opening a PDF document, inserting the user and/or owner password, and choosing the output directory, so the program is straightforward, but very fast. Removing a password is almost instantly done.
If you have any questions about the features found in PDF Password Remover, you can access the help file. It basically describes everything the tool can do.
This is a pretty useful application, but only works when you know the password to the PDF file. That basically means you can only remove passwords of your own files. So the program is absolutely useless if, for instance, you download an encrypted document with an unknown password.
In conclusion, PDF Password Remover is a simple, very easy to use application that can revert PDF documents to their original, unprotected state. For this, you need to know the password; otherwise, it can’t perform miracles. I will upload a PDF password cracker very soon, just keep your eyes on the Softek wall.
Download link:
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Koi Fish 3D Screensaver v1.0 + Serial

Need a rest? Then what can be better than a couple of minutes of harmony in front of an amazingly beautiful scene?
Aquarians and common users alike will find Koi Fish 3D Screensaver absolutely fascinating as it blends together fine pictures of Koi, Japanese ornamental fish, impressive reality of water and pleasing music.
Once your computer is in the idle mode, you are no longer sitting in front of your keyboard, but looking at the glassy surface of a small pond where graceful motley creatures dart among fine aquatic vegetation.
Their colors are sometimes incredible, all a result of assiduous experts' work. Striped and spotted, they are all unique and are thought to bring luck to people.
Koi Fish 3D is your door to the world of immense calmness and relaxation, since it creates a soothing atmosphere, keeps all your problems away and helps you use those few minutes of your break. Koi fish are sorted out for you to relax and enjoy a rich diversity of colors.
The quiet beauty of clear water and green vegetation together with relaxing music in the background are going to make you forget about problems.
A piece of Japanese traditional decor in your office and a bit of Japanese philosophy, this Koi pond will soon become the most frequently-run program on your computer.
Koi Fish 3D Screensaver is an ideal way of relaxation both for home users and office workers.
Stunned and charmed by its magical beauty, you even won't be able to make yourself press the key to stop the screensaver.
Download link:
Softek Systems™

DriverToolkit v8.4 + Serial

DriverToolkit automatically delivers the latest official drivers to your PC. Most of the cases when hardware devices is not working or malfunctioning are caused by incorrect driver installations or outdated driver versions. DriverToolkit has more than 8,000,000 driver entities in the database, including Motherboard, Sound card, Video card, Network adaptor, Modem, Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, Printer, and Digital devices. You can easily update all these drivers with DriverToolkit. All drivers we offer are official versions or WHQL versions, you can use them without any security or compatibility concerns.
Download link:
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Avast 2016 All Products Serial Keys Till 2023

The Most Trusted Security – 220 million people choose AVAST to keep them safe online – more than any security company. avast! is the most trusted name in the antivirus industry, actively protecting more than 220 million people around the world. We’ve been protecting devices and data for over 25 years, in over 40 languages, on every populated continent.
What’s new
  • SecureDNS: We are introducing a new provider which guards against unprotected DNS/DNS hijack on a router/client (including unsecured networks, public ones, etc.).
  • Smart Scan: Integrated all on demand scans into one (Antivirus, Software updates, Home Network, GrimeFighter). One scan, different results and recommendations.
  • New Support System: Easy contact for paid users to submit a ticket with all info included automatically. Improved knowledge base for free users. Help is completely online and is more up to date.
  • General bugfixing: This covers a lot of stability and performance changes in all components (but the main focus was traditionally on the network and engine components).
  • GrimeFighter Free: GrimeFighter will offer free cleaning of junk files and tuning of system settings. These tasks are performed by our Zilch and Torque minions. Other minion functions remain as paid-for features.
  • AVAST NG: A hardware based virtualization solution capable of running each Windows process in standalone safe virtualized environment (VM) and fully integrated to your desktop. Each process is executed in its own instance of VM, which means totally isolated from your other applications. This feature is now powering the Avast DeepScreen, resulting in better detection. The technology will also eventually power the Sandbox and SafeZone components (although it does not now).
How To Activate ?
  1. Download & Install Avast
  2. Download License Files from below
  3. Double click on desired license file & Wait till avast dialog show’s date
  4. Now click Yes–>OK
  5. That’s All ! Enjoy
Download links:
All Products Official Download Page
Avast 2016 All Products Serials.rar  | Mirror
Softek Systems™

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery v4.1 + Serial

Whether you need to backup important contacts and media files, or simply recover lost or accidentally deleted photos and call logs, you surely need a proper application that allows you to perform such actions.
As its name implies, Tenorshare Android Data Recovery provides you with a reliable means of retrieving images, messages, video files and call logs effortlessly.
The application supports any Android mobile device, be it tablet or phone such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola and LG, to name a few.
Before using Tenorshare Android Data Recovery, you need to make sure that all the drivers that the mobile device requires are properly installed on your computer. After that, you need to enable the ‘USB Debugging’ option since the application requires you to access all your data.
It will take several seconds in order to scan the entire device and after the process is finished, you can preview all the files listed by specific categories, including existing or lost ones. This way, you are able to recover only the files you are interested in.
The left panel of the application displays five categories namely Contacts, Calls, Messages, Photo and Video. Additionally, you can view only the deleted items by ticking the box located in the bottom pane of the program and preview the ones you want before starting the recovering process.
Tenorshare Android Data Recovery enables you to export contacts, messages and call logs in TXT, XML and XLS format for better viewing. As far as the photos and videos are concerned, you can rest assured that the program will keep the original format, without altering their output quality.
To conclude, Tenorshare Android Data Recovery is a complete and effective software solution when it comes to recovering lost or deleted files and saving them to your computer with ease.
Download link:
Softek Systems™

Smart Launcher Pro v3.26 (Android)

Speed up your device with Smart Launcher 3. The innovative launcher that makes your Android more intuitive and well organized. Find out why it has been downloaded by over twenty million people.
Smart Launcher 3 is completely different from any other launcher on the market. It's not based on the AOSP launcher.

- Low resource requirements, save RAM and battery
- Material design
- Quick access to your favourite apps
- Double tap on an icon to start a second app
- Your apps list is automatically sorted by categories
- Search bar for quick search in apps, contacts and web
- Notifications on homescreen
- Turn off the screen with a double tap or just by leaving your device on a flat surface
- Integrated lockscreen with notifications
- Highly personalizable. Tons of themes and lockscreen, support for almost all iconpack
- Plugin architecture. You can download and enable only the features you want
- Security: You can hide apps from the apps grid and protect them with password
- Optimized to be comfortably used both in portrait and landscape mode
- Runs on almost every Android device. Runs on phone, tablet and Google TV
- Community driven development
 Download link:
Softek Systems™

Hacker's University Pro v2.2 for Android

Step by step hacking lessons and video guides that will have you learning in no time! Great for beginners and pros alike! Hackers University is the most high quality, trusted hacking education community on the android market.
Interact with over 10,000 other hackers and learn from eachother; make friends, send private messages, participate in chat rooms, or even compete for the highest quiz score on the apps leaderboard!
Exclusive Pro edition features:
► Additional lessons and videos not found in the free edition
► Push notifications; get notified when you receive new messages or when there has been new content added to the app
► Notepad feature allows you to save notes within the app for future reference; save cracked wireless keys, account passwords and more
► No banner ads
Hackers University features:
► Step by step hacking guides for various subjects: protecting yourself, hacking wifi, accounts, websites, mobile devices, and other misc hacks like hacking game consoles
► Video guides walk you through various hack methods, showing you what to do every step of the way
► Hacker social network with over 10,000 registered users; follow friends, activity walls, private messaging with stickers and picture attachments, multiple chat rooms, interactive quizzes with high-score leaderboards and more!
► Consistent content updates, always bringing you the latest in hacking techniques, software, and secrets
Some of the lesson subjects you can expect to find within this app are:
► BackTrack / Kali Linux guides
► Hacking various WiFi networks such as: WEP, WPA, WPA, and WPS networks
► Test websites for exploits with mySQL and other methods
► Use your android phone to crash wifi networks, sniff facebook/e-mail passwords and more
► Create your own keylogger
► Learn how to make trojans and viruses while remaining undetectable
► Browse the internet without leaving a trace behind! Learn to be completely anonymous online
► Modify game consoles to run pirated games
► Learn to download any software, app, game, movie, or music for free
+ so much more!!
This app is the ultimate hackers handbook reference guide! A MUST have for any aspiring hacker!

Download link:
Softek Systems™

XUS Launcher v2.3 + Serial

A professional application designed to enable you to organize your desktop icons very easily. It can make your windows desktop clear, beautiful, and let you easy to handle shortcut icon.
XUS Launcher also offers a new, easy, fast & swift way to launch the program. It will free your windows desktop icons. It is the most wonderful desktop application I have ever used. Am very sure you will also feel like using your computer with XUS Launcher all the time.
Download link:
Softek Systems™

Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery v8.2.6.0 + Serial

With the surge in smartphones available for purchase, a similar increase in demand for all tools related to data recovery from mobile devices has been seen. These tools are essential in recovering lost data or files that have been accidentally erased through various mechanisms (virus attacks, system updates or factory settings resets).


Recover lost data or documents deleted during factory resets

Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery is such a tool and it specifically targets devices running the Android operating system. With it, users can scan their devices and attempt to recover lost or deleted data. One of the great features present in this application is the ability to select which items to scan for. Since the phone's memory can contain thousands of deleted entries, this is a very powerful feature and users are well-advised to employ to filter results and reduce the scan-time.
Before any analysis is performed, one should note that the application requires the mobile device to be rooted. If this is not the case, it will attempt to root it automatically. Users who do not wish for this operation to be performed on their device should rely on other programs.


Restore specific multimedia documents

The application features a very clean and welcoming interface, as navigation is performed exclusively through buttons. The main window allows users to choose between three categories of supported items: "Multimedia", "Database" (e.g. contacts or call logs) and "WhatsApp" (messages or attachments).
Once an item has been picked, the program will automatically scan the device and return all the entries found during the analysis. It should be noted that users are free to define file-type exclusion filters for multimedia documents. This is a great method of singling out certain documents (e.g. MP3s).


The tool recovers data from Android devices based on user-defined filtering criteria

To conclude, Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery is a great tool for anyone who owns an Android mobile device and wants a data recovery utility.
Download link:
Softek Systems™

WinISO Standard v6.3 + Serial

If you are looking for an easy to use application to help you generate disk images from your system folders or CD / DVD, WinISO might be the right tool for you.
This application provides you with an easy to use interface, which allows even a beginner user to create image disks and burn them. It supports the common output formats, such as ISO, CUE, BIN or NRG. Moreover, you can use this software to clone your CD or DVD.
In order to create a new image file, you just have to select the desired file system. You have multiple choices at your disposal, among which you can find ISO9660, UDF or HFS. The next step is to add the desired files, which you can organize and rename using WinISO.
One advantage is that the program works pretty fast, as creating the image file usually takes just a few minutes. For example, archiving a 350 MB folder into an ISO file takes less than a minute.
Another plus of the application is that it offers you the possibility to create bootable disk images with just a few clicks.
In addition to this, you can use WinISO to view and extract the content of a disk image, mount it on a drive or burn it on a CD / DVD. Convert an image file into a different format is also available, as you can use the built-in conversion utility.
All the actions are recorded into a log file, which you can use to view details about any error that may occur in the burning or creation process.
Overall, WinISO is an efficient solution for converting image files, creating bootable CD / DVD image files and disk image extraction, creation and editing.
Download link:
Softek Systems™

App Hider Pro v2.1 (Root Required)

Hide any app you don't want others to see or access. (Requires Root)
For more information about Android rooting click HERE.
"AppHider" can help you to hide any app. After the app is hidden, the app icon will disappear from the launcher.

-- Pro version. No Ads.
-- Hide apps (Hide Icon)
-- Support PIN lock
-- Support auto backup and restore (After you reinstall AppHider, the previous hidden apps can be restored back.)
AppHider needs ROOT permission. For the devices not ROOTed, try our another app "Smart AppLock"
What can I do if app is lost?
Go to Setting->Find Lost Apps.
Download link:
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