Wondershare Video Editor v3.0 (Portable)

A professional software application with a large set of editing tools to help you create high-quality movies.
The program can create SH and HD quality movies with music and transitions. Beginners can easily use this program to edit their preferred video since it has a nicely designed interface.
Editing made simple
To begin the edit of your movie simply click on Import or drag&drop you video file in the main window and you are good to go. The next task is to be creative by using the transitions and effects in the program.
Your video files can be customized with the help of cut, trim, split, merge and rotate commands making sure you always get what you need in terms of video editing.
The end-file can be enhanced by using background music, scene transitions and even video special effects.
Converter function
Wondershare Video Editor has video converting capabilities so videos can be converter to other popular formats and then saved securely on your personal hard drive.
The output video files can be delivered on popular portable devices such as Iphone, Ipad, Ipod, PSP.
Videos captured by DV cameras&camcorders or generated by portable devices can be quickly integrated into the program.
Integration with popular formats
The software application can interpret popular formats like AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, MKV, FLV and audio formats like AAC, APE, AIF, MP3, OGG, WMA.
Video, audio and background music can be edited separately thanks to the three timeline tracks.
From the timeline, the video can be splitted, cutted, merged, cropped or rotated to suit the user's creation requirements.
With Wondershare Video Editor adjusting video brightness, color and saturation is very easy.
If needed, general parameters like resolution, encoder and bit rate can be adjusted in the creation process.
The program is able to save your creation in various formats so further use is made possible that way.
In conclusion
Wondershare Video Editor is a good software application for anyone trying to make the first steps in learning video editing thanks to the easy interface, clean look and straightforward commands. The program is intended to use complex editing functions with simple commands, making it ideal for beginners.
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Universal Document Converter v5.5 + Serial

An application that can convert any printable document (e.g. PDF, DOC, HTML) to graphics.
In order to access the tool, simply use the printing function supported by these type of documents. Once you press the "OK" button, you can specify the output location and name of the new file. Conversion will immediately start.
Before doing this though, you are probably interested in changing some settings. In "Properties" you can select the paper size, width, height, orientation, unit type and resolution.
But you can also pick the format of the output file (e.g. PDF, BMP, JPEG) and color depth, as well as enable Universal Document Converter to create a single-page file for each page, append all documents to the existing file, and more.
Additionally, you can configure options regarding cropping (e.g. automatically detect and crop borders) and resize (e.g. resize output image proportionally), as well as add watermarks (text label or picture).
On top of that, you can use a predefined location and file name, enable Universal Document Converter to open the folder or file in the default viewer, or to run a custom application after the task is done, create a log file, add a toolbar to Microsoft Office, and more. Settings can be saved.
The application uses a low-to-moderate amount of system resources, includes a step-by-step guide with snapshots along with a video presentation, and didn't cause me any difficulties during my tests. Images, tables and text layouts are generally well preserved in the output files.
In one case, Universal Document Converter didn't convert the header of a webpage (in a HTML-to-PDF conversion). But, even so, I highly recommend Universal Document Converter, since it can be easily used by individuals of any experience level and provides excellent results.
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File and Folder Protector v3.4 + Serial

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Animated Wallpaper Maker v3.1 + Serial

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Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker v13.0 (Fully Activated)

As its name implies, Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker is a piece of software that allows you to create and design 3D text, logos and buttons for your websites. Even less experienced users can learn how to fiddle with this tool.
The interface of the app is clean and intuitive. You can start off a project with a template or blank background. So, you can add text, rectangles, convex polygons, arcs, arrows, SVG shapes, text shapes, images and 3D models, just to name a few.
Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker provides you with a wide range of customization options when it comes to styles (for text, shapes, frames, icons and light), color (e.g. texture, gradient), bevel (shape or text), design (e.g. text effect), animation (e.g. by letter) and light.
In addition, you can use the undo and redo functions, arrange objects in the layout, set up the render size, change the background and switch to a different language for the interface. Once the project is finished, you can export it to the Clipboard, an image or animation.
The graphic processing app needs a pretty high amount of system resources, has a good response time and includes user documentation. I have not come across any problems throughout my testing; Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker did not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. First-time users can take a while to get familiarized with the program.
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Foxit Reader v502 (Lightweight PDF Reader)

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USB Threat Defender v1.0 + Serial

The ultimate USB Anti-Virus solution, its unique Proactive and Definition scan Technology combined together unleashes a new security stronghold level. USB Threat Defender is not just another autorun.inf virus remover, it takes more than that to provide maximum protection guarantee. Its new protection level detects viruses missed by the best Anti-Virus to give maximum protection against any threat that tries to attack a system via any USB storage device. The Proactive Scan method makes sure that all malwares get detected before they infect your system, both the known and the unknown. The Definition based scan method detects and removes threats already installed on your system.
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Who Is On My Wifi Ultimate v2.1

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AnyTV Pro v5.1 + Serial

A tool that lets you view TV channels and listen to radio online, from all over the world.
The program sports a standard interface, few features, and the integrated toolbar contains TV, Radio, Video, Favorites, Update, and Add.
So, you can view TV channels, radio stations and video clips, by filtering them according to country. Besides the name of the channel, the queue list contains information for the genre, rating, bitrate and comments (but not on the country, surprisingly enough).
In addition, you can rate and flag channels, search for a specific one, filter according to file name, genre, bitrate and flagged channels, create a favorites list, adjust volume, and switch to full screen mode.
Sometimes, the program does not recognize extensions, the image quality varies from channel to channel, and there is no user guide you can view.
Overall, anyTV uses a moderate amount of system resources, and is seamless to use by both beginners and experts. Test it for yourself.
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Battery Doubler v1.2 + Serial

A useful software application that is able to double your battery's autonomy with little to no concessions.
Key Features:
Double your autonomy:
Before, your only solution to have a decent battery for your laptop was to buy an extra one. Now, there's a lighter, more efficient, and cheaper alternative: Battery Doubler! 
Decrease recharge time:
Your battery recharges much faster if your computer isn't turned on. That's a fact. Let Battery Doubler redefine a few computer facts - with its Turbo Charge technology, increase up to 10% battery recharge speed when your computer is turned on.
Recalibrate damaged batteries:
After using your battery a lot without paying attention to discharge and recharge it fully every time, its performance becomes very low. With Battery Doubler, simply run the recalibration wizard that does the entire job for you - automatically!
Easy to use:
From the configuration window to the battery status indicator, features, Battery Doubler excels at ease-of use. It's interface fully respects Microsoft's guidelines and is very intuitive.
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Lockdown Pro v2.5.0 for Android

Easy to use, beautiful UI with Material design, ripple animation.
  • Three password modes: Pattern Lock, Classic Lock & Calculator Lock.
  • Private Gallery: Hide pictures, videos (support .gif image).
  • Smart lock: Auto lock/unlock with smart watch, car or use address wifi, location.
  • Observer: Send email with some info and pictures of the person who wants to access your phone.
  • Fake cover: This feature will fake a crash dialogue cover when you open an app that has been locked.
  • Lock screen: This feature will replace your default lock screen.
  • Backup & restore registered apps to Google drive or sdcard.
  • Random keyboard password
  • Time pin password (Ex: If the time is 13:12, your PIN will be 1312).
  • Themes store (so many beautiful themes with Material design for your choice).
  • Screen timeout: The screen will never turn off when running registered app.
  • Auto-Rotate: The screen of your device will not auto-rotate when running registered app.
  • Hide app icon (Remove Lockdown Pro icon on App Draw & Home screen)
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Best of Blues (Tender Love Hits - 6 Hrs Nonstop)

Blues is a genre and musical form that originated in African-American communities in the "Deep South" of the United States around the end of the 19th century. The genre is a fusion of traditional African music and European folk music, spirituals, work songs, field hollers, shouts and chants, and rhymed simple narrative ballads. The blues form, ubiquitous in jazz, rhythm and blues and rock and roll, is characterized by the call-and-response pattern, the blues scale and specific chord progressions, of which the twelve-bar blues is the most common. The blue notes are also an important part of the sound. Blues shuffles or walking bass reinforce the trance-like rhythm and form a repetitive effect called a groove.
Follow the links below to download and enjoy the "Best of Blues" music file complied and mixed by Titus Mukisa.
Download link:
NOTE: For more free music files please click HERE. Thanks
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Ad Muncher v4.9 (Block Annoying Ads & Popups On Browsers)

A powerful program which helps individuals block advertisements and popups for some of the most used web browsers, and configure a huge list of parameters
Most browsers available today come with built-in ad and pop-up blockers, so why use a different application for this purpose? Well, because Ad Muncher has so many features that it is undoubtedly able to make the whole browsing experience a lot more pleasant.
The application is able to filter website data and block unwanted content, regardless if we are referring to advertisements, links, images, sounds or various scripts.

Support for many web browsers and context menu integration:
Ad Muncher runs separately yet it integrates perfectly into most browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox, creating a special context menu option to block content on the fly.
Right clicking on a website gives you the power to block a given link, an image, a whole frame or disable filters on the entire page. In addition, there is a special option to report the page and thus help the developer make the app better in the next releases.

Set up ad parameters and block popups:
The configuration screen allows you to remove music and sound, background images, colored scroll bars, bookmark scripts, automatic reloads, window resizing, browser status bar changes and even address icons.
In addition to that, it is possible to customize the way the application handles advertisements, seeing that there is an option to leave small text-only ads alone and replace removed images with a description of the image.
As for the popups, Ad Muncher blocks them all, including automatic JavaScript alerts and messenger service popups, showing you a notice in the browser status bar when a new popup is blocked.

A last assessment:
Ad Muncher is impressively easy to use, yet it has so many features that you may spend even a half an hour setting it up. After that though, you will definitely know that no advertisement or popup will ever see daylight on your computer.
All in all, given how many features it boasts, Ad Muncher seems to be just the right way to improve your browsing experience, without putting a strain on your computer’s performance.
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Secrets of a Super Hacker (E-book)

This is the most amazing book ever published on computer hacking. Step by step illustrated details on the techniques used by hackers to get your data including Guessing Passwords, Stealing Passwords, Password Lists, Social Engineering, Reverse Social Engineering, Crashing Electronic Bulletin Boards, Dummy Screens, Fake E-mail, Trojan Horses, Viruses, Worms,Trap Doors, And Much more. Anyone concerned with computer security and data privacy needs to read this book.
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EASEUS Partition Master Pro v9.3 + Serial

As its name suggests, EASEUS Partition Master Professional is an advanced partition manager that addresses business users. It provides a simple method for handling and configuring partitions and the management of the space on your hard disk much more efficiently.
The interface is clean and well-organized, so all the options are right there, within your reach. Whether you want to resize, move, copy, merge, explore, check, convert partitions or change their label, you can do all this with just a few clicks. Also, the defragmentation tool designed to consolidate fragmented files and folders and store them in a contiguous place on your hard drive.
Unlike the Home version of the application, Partition Master Professional comes with volume resizing capabilities and allows you to manage partitions using a WinPE or a Linux bootable disk.
After resizing or moving your partitions, you don't have to restart your computer, but you are advised to back up your data. Just set a disk size for the new partition and follow the wizard steps to create it.
The 'Clone Disk Wizard' enables you to transfer all data from your disk to a new, bigger one and boot from it. Another option is to simply migrate your partitions to another hard disk with the help of the 'Partition Copy Wizard'.
If you want more, the application can also be used as a solution for recovering lost or deleted partitions on the unallocated space of your hard drive, which really comes in handy if your computer becomes unbootable due to a system crash. This can be done automatic or manually and the latter option offers you full control over the recovery process.
EASEUS is among the top disk management software developers out there and EASEUS Partition Master Professional stands up to its name. It is a comprehensive solution for managing, copying and recovering disk partitions.
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WASH WhatsApp (The Flash MOD v2.1)

WASH stands for WhatsApp flash mod. It is designer and has all the privacy settings you need to rock . Wash offers a flash UI and themes available in flash inspired UI flavors.  All i can say “Most beautiful WhatsApp of all time”

  • Latest base Version 2.12.391
  • All the privacy setting.
  • Make text selectable.
  • Set name at the center conversation.
  • Hide archieved chats.
  • Hide call button.
  • Enable image share limits(instead of 10)
  • Enable video size limit.
  • Proximity Sensor.
  • SH Conversation entry with FLASH logo.
  • New Batman bubble.
  • New Batman ticks.
  • Message counter at profile.
  • Flash default wallpaper.(CUTE LOLS)
  • New attachment style.
  • New attachment icon.
  • Very Fast!!!!
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App Expired: Waiting For Update
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Dr.Web Security Space v10.1 + Key Valid Until 2017

Comprehensive protection from all types of malware targeting mobile devices.

  • Complete and full system scan
  • Optimize the overall system performance
  • Termination of suspicious processes even if the phone is locked
  • Protect personal information against hackers
  • Using new technology Origins Tracing for detecting new malware Nashnakhnh
  • SD card and protect against malware Autorun Exploit.Cpllnk
  • Qrnzynh threats detected
  • Low use of system resources
  • Optimize power consumption
  • Display detailed statistics
  • Having a functional widgets
  • Block unwanted calls and messages
  • Ability to filter calls and messages
  • Create profiles for filtering
  • Ability to create custom black lists
  • Display information about blocked calls and messages
  • Locate a lost phone and delete as needed
  • Missing device to remotely lock
  • Help to unlock the device by SMS
  • Send link to place the phone on Google Maps
  • Ability to display custom text on the phone missing
  • Control Internet Apps
  • Powerful Firewall
  • Anti-spam
    to avoid unwanted calls and SMS messages.
    • Filtering mode selection.
    • Lets you create your own filtering profiles.
    • Blacklist editing.
    • Displays information about blocked calls and messages.
  • Anti-theft
    will help you find your mobile device if it has been lost or stolen,
    and, if necessary, wipe confidential information from it remotely.
    • Lets you lock the device after a reboot.
    • Lets you lock your phone so that it can only be unlocked by entering a password (the number of unlock attempts is limited).
    • Lets you unlock the device with an SMS message.
    • Allows you to see the device’s location at Google Maps.
    • Lets you remotely erase data on the device and SD cards.
    • Starts audio playback on the device and locks the screen.
    • Lets you customize the message that is to be displayed on the screen of the blocked device.
    • Lets you create a list of numbers to which notifications will be sent if someone changes the SIM card in the lost device. Allows you to control the anti-theft by having messages sent to it from these numbers to unlock the device if you have forgotten the unlock password.
  • Cloud Checker
    The Cloud Checker filter will restrict access to undesirable Internet sites. Lets you block access to non-recommended or potentially dangerous sites according to several categories (drugs, violence, etc.).
    The Security Auditor
    • Troubleshoots the device to identify security problems and offers solutions to address them.
  • New! Firewall
    Controls application network activity
    • Filters the external network traffic of the applications installed on the device and system applications. Choose between Wi-Fi and cellular network filtering, and take advantage of customisable rules (filter by IP addresses and/or ports, and by entire networks or IP ranges).
    • Monitors current and previously transmitted traffic; gives you information about the addresses/ports to which applications are connecting and the amount of inbound and outbound traffic.
    • Detailed logs.
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DriverPack Solution Online (2MB Only)

DriverPack Solution is
a nifty program which can find out if your system's drivers and applications require any updates. If so, it automatically downloads them for you, without requiring the user's input.
The app automatically performs a scan job on the computer upon initialization, and displays all drivers and programs which have updates available online. Simply select the preferred items and let DriverPack Solution take care of the rest.
In addition, you can backup data before making any changes to the computer, test the RAM, perform a defrag task on the hard disks, scan the computer for viruses, access the Device Manager and Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel, as well as make DriverPack Solution hide confirmation dialogs and save logs to the current folder.
The updating task can take a long while to finish, and the app does not allow you to cancel it. It has a good response time to key commands and mouse events, and includes user documentation. DriverPack Solution did not crash or display error dialogs.
However, the tool hanged during the update of a driver in my evaluation, and I was forced to terminate its process from Task Manager, since there is no Cancel button. Also, it takes up a lot of space on the hard drive. Other than that, DriverPack Solution comes equipped with some powerful features, and is oriented towards users of any level of experience.
Download link:
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KMSpico – Best Windows 10 and Office 16 Activator v10.2.0

KMSPico is the   most successful, frequently updated and 100% clean tool to permanently activate any version of Windows and Microsoft office within matter of seconds. It is a community developed tool to programatically activate Microsoft products such as Windows & Office without using a paid license.

Supported Products
  • Windows Vista Bussines/Enterprise
  • Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise
  • Windows 8 Core/Pro/Enterprise
  • Windows 8.1 Core/Pro/Enterprise
  • Windows 8.1.x Core/Pro/Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Home/Pro/Enterprise
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2013
  • Office 2016
What’s New
  • Fixed bugs with Windows 7/8 Activation.
How To Use ? (Intaller Edition)
  • Disable any Anti-virus program temporarily
  • Download and install KMSpico from the links given below
  • KMSpico will run automatically (If it doesn’t,  go to KMSpico installation directory and run KMSELDI.exe)
  • Press the Red Button in the KMSpico window
  • Done, enjoy Windows and Office 
Download link:
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WinToUSB Enterprise v2.7 + Serial

WinToUSB is a reliable and user-friendly software solution whose main function is to assist you in installing then running a Windows OS from a USB stick.
Thanks to the wizard-style interface, you can easily perform this operation, even if you have little or even no experience in the area, thanks to the provided instructions. In order to install Windows on your USB flash or hard drive, you can use an ISO image, or a CD / DVD containing the require data.
This application enables you to use any edition of Windows 8.1 to create a Windows To Go drive, meaning you can connect it to any PC and run it, regardless of the operating system of the host computer.
Additionally, it can be booted on multiple computers; on the first connection, it automatically detects the system hardware, then downloads and installs the required drivers, so the next time it is connected to the same PC, it will instantly identify the proper tools. Because not all software supports running on such an operating system, it is advisable that they be tested initially, preventing you from encountering difficulties later on, when you might depend on that certain utility.
After opting for a certain ISO image or CD / DVD from which to extract the information, WinToUSB lets you choose the flash or hard drive you want to install Windows on. Subsequently, you can select the preferred system partition and the boot partition, then press the 'Next' button and allow the application to do its part.
To conclude, WinToUSB is a useful program that can prove quite handy in helping you create a portable version of your Windows operating system, requiring almost no effort on your part, simply a lot of patience for the utility to go through all the necessary steps.
Download link:

Ashampoo Burning Studio 15 + Serial

Ashampoo Burning Studio allows you to burn all types of media; movies, music or files. You can create backups or data discs, rip music and create audio CDs. It also allows you to archive your movies to Blu-ray discs.
Key features include:
  • Burn data to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.
  • Create data discs with optional auto-start feature.
  • Update existing discs (multi-session).
  • Backup files across several CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs.
  • Create audio CDs and MP3/WMA discs.
  • Rip audio CDs to multiple formats.
  • Create HD and Full HD video discs.
  • Duplicate CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.
  • Create and burn disc images.
  • Design and print covers and booklets.
Ashampoo Burning Studio has a friendly user interface, which you can navigate easily to create data and music discs, make quick backup copies, and virtual disc images. There is also a feature where you can erase and format old unwanted DVDs.
Overall Ashampoo Burning Studio has some useful features and the functionality of the application is first rate. That being said, there are a couple of minor issues, not least of which is the limited compatibility with virtual disc images, and you can also easily accidentally format discs.
Download link:
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Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery v6.6 + Serial

There are various situations when you just simply need to save personal messages and important contacts from your phone to your PC. However, due to virus attacks or phone damages, you might lose your sensitive data.
Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is a comprehensive and reliable piece of software geared toward users who need to recover contacts, messages, SMS attachments and reminders from their iPhone devices.
Using this application you are able to get all your lost iPhone data back including photos, WhatsApp messages, voice memos and Safari bookmarks, to name a few.
After connecting your iOS device to your computer via a USB cable, you can press the ‘Start Scan’ button, located in the bottom pane of the application. Then, you can preview the device name, the iOS version and the serial number of your mobile phone. When the scanning process is finished, the application prompts you with a small notification message.
Since Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery sports an intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can easily choose the files you want to recover from different folders. You can also select to view only the deleted items.
The left panel of the application displays all of your data in well-structured categories. This way, you can easily access and preview only the images, messages or contact logs you are interested in.
After selecting the files you want to restore, you can press the ‘Recover’ button and wait for the application to save all the data to your computer.
Using Since Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery you can seamlessly retrieve images, videos, messages, notes, Safari bookmarks and call history logs. The utility can be also considered a suitable solution when it comes to recovering files from an iTunes backup.
Softek Systems™

Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder v2.0 + Serial

A program which allows you to record audio from speakers, radio, movies and others. It can be used by both rookies and skilled users.
The interface of the program is clean and pretty intuitive. Once you record audio stream, you can preview it in the library and save it to one of the numerous file types supported by the app, such as MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A and OGG.
Furthermore, you can schedule a recording session by establishing the start and end time, make Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder automatically power off the computer when the task is done, as well as minimize it to the system tray area.
In addition, you can create ringtones and playlists, add a recorded song to the iTunes library, use a search function, view file information, as well as adjust the volume while previewing tracks.
From the 'Settings' screen you can configure audio settings when it comes to the output format, sample rate, encoder and bit rate, enable the tool to automatically split a track when the silence is beyond a user-defined time length, and more. Settings may be restored to their default values.
The audio processing program needs a high amount of CPU and system memory, has a good response time, and delivers audio tracks with a good sound quality. I have not come across any problems during my tests; Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder did not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. Unfortunately, no recent updates have been made.
Download link:
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Baidu Antivirus 2015 Pro v5.2 (Full Lifetime Protection)

An antivirus application that comes packed with several tools designed to offer you protection against malware, spyware, and other threats.
The program was designed to detect and remove the potential threats that may compromise system security by providing real-time protection, as well as anti-phishing and hacker protection.
Baidu Antivirus features three scanning modes: quick, full or custom. Of course, the first one is the fastest one because it scans only some locations from your computer.
The full mode is the most comprehensive one, as it makes sure every item is scanned for possible threats. At the end of the scanning operation, you can view details about the time needed to complete the job, detected or removed threats, and the number of scanned items.
During my testing I have noticed that a full scan might take some time, especially if you have large files on the disk. On the downside, it doesn’t remain light on the system resources, so it burdens the overall performance of the computer.
There are three protection modes (fast, standard or strict), and each of them ensures that threats are blocked efficiently but with a different impact on system resources.
Baidu Antivirus features an automatic update option, and offers USB protection (normal or automatic mode), Windows Explorer integration for the “File Shredder” option, and proactive defense by providing a quick response from the Cloud storage services for blocking threats.
Furthermore, there are several protection modes which can be activated with just a few clicks, such as system and USB protection, as well as web access, browser, and download protection. It offers support for IE, Chrome, and Firefox, and you can also add a custom web browser to the list.
Additionally, you can make the program run at Windows startup, define the action on threat detection (manually or automatically deal with the items, or backup files to quarantine), as well as create exclusion lists by specifying the file extensions, URLs or applications.
The log section offers details about the scanning operations, detected threats, and update details, and you can export the information to a plain text file.
All in all, Baidu Antivirus ensures your computer is protected against malware, spyware and other threats. The user-friendly interface is definitely the ace up its sleeve, as even less experienced users can install and configure the application with minimum effort.
Download link:
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TitusVirusRemover Tool (Removes Shortcut Virus)

Today, we are going to look at a virus which creates shortcuts in USB drives, I will also provide you with my own creation tool that terminates this kind of virus commonly called the "shortcut virus" or we may also call it win32 stuxnet! lnk virus, I am providing this free and simple tool here so that you may be able to terminate the shortcut virus in your USB drives and recover your whole precious data in just seconds. All you have to do is to download this file, copy it into the infected USB drive and execute it.
Download link:
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