The Secret of Hacking (E-book)

This book is awesome for those with 0 knowledge in hacking and want to learn hacking, its good for their start up. In order to get this book you have to order it from it's official website but here at "Softek IT Consult" we give it to you for FREE.
The Contents:
1. Introduction to Real Hacking
2. Advanced Malware Research
3. Windows Hacking
4. Password Hacking
5. Email Hacking
6. Web Application Hacking
7. Website Defacement Domain Hacking
8. Miscellaneous Hacking
9. Mobile Computer Forensic
10. VoIP Wireless Hacking
11. Vulnerability Discovery Penetration testing
12. Advanced Hacking with Metasploit
13. Firewall, IDs Honey pot Hacking
14. Securing System Networks
Download link:
Softek Systems™


Blogger said...

Have used AVG security for a couple of years now, I'd recommend this anti-virus to all of you.

Marcel Szop said...

Cool for those who are starting. However, for those who are more professional dealing with such matters, useful things can be something about advertising agency project management. Maybe someone is more interested in it and it will be useful to him :)