Vodafone Uganda Free Airtime Trick

I thought of sharing this post with you to help you protect yourself from airtime thieves, many vodafone users are not aware that their airtime can be easily stolen from the myvodafone website if they haven't yet changed their default password. Here is how it's done and please after reading this post better rush and change your password before you also fall victim.

  • Follow the link below to log onto myvodafone website:
  • Now enter any random vodafone network number or a number of any vodafone user that you know and then enter the vodafone default password. The myvodafone default password is Vodafone123
  • Now click on the Login button.
  •  When the page opens you will be able to see the current balance of the number that you entered.
  • Now go to the More options and click on Share airtime. 
  • Enter your vodafone number or any number that you want to send airtime to.
  •  Now slide the button below to any amount of airtime you want to send and then click on the Share button.
  • That's it, you have now shared/stolen airtime from your victim.
NOTE: Android users can download the myvodafone app from HERE but it requires Android version 4.1 and up to run.

WARNING: For those of you planning to use this information to steal airtime should be very careful because you can be easily caught if the victim gets suspicious and follows up their Shared airtime history on the system. 
I will not be held responsible for any harm caused by anyone's misuse of this information.
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Ali Saddam said...

Love your work Titus
but it failed to work for me
anyway thx alot for the softwares

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sankar kumar said...

India vodafone airtime crack please....

Akabwai Samuel said...

Titus it when I tried to login with Mai random Vodafone number it says invalid user name /password