Hide WhatsApp Status Pro v1.4 for Android

Want to use WhatsApp while hiding your online status?
It can be hidden in Whatsapp, thanks to this application, you can use Whatsapp without showing that your online and forget about all those you want to control.
The only app that lets you show hidden and not be online without having to be turning on and off the connections as this app automates all processes for you. Just activate the application and when you enter whatsapp, it will not show your status. And the most important, forget about everything now, the app itself automatically resets connections and sends messages.
Download link:
Softek Systems™


Irene Gómez said...

I have found a new app it calls Hide Whatsapp Status https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hide.whatsappstatus&hl=es which let you chaat with people but anybody can see that your are on line or your last conexion, it is just 5MB and it doesn't desconect mobile data! wonderfull :)

Rahul Mehlawat said...

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